Stanford @ iTunes

(This article was originally posted on on Oct 26, 2005)

Apple Computers and Stanford University has just been starting a collaboration, such that lectures, talks, music etc. by members of Stanford U. are made available from the iTunes music store. The idea is to give alumni – and the general public – free access to a wide range of Stanford-specific digital audio content. The relevant link is here.

So far I’ve only heard two talks: one by Prof. Philip Zelikov titled “The United States and the World”, and one by Prof. Robert Dunbar with the suggestive title “Is Global Warming Real?” (The last one is more than recommended for Lubos Motl, who most likely will find it quite obnoxious).

Prof. Dunbar works on measuring the effect of climate change in the ocean (I guess he finds this more important than, for example, measuring the temperature in the atmosphere since the temperature in the ocean supposedly is less sensitive than in the atmosphere to climate change – a temperature change requires more energy). His main points are:

good news (?) from the media: Russia is going to sign Kyoto Protocol;

more good news from the media: Pentagon has published a report on the impact of climate change on national security;

there is consensus view, that global warming is real;

level of CO_2 in the atmosphere is increasing (which we all know), but at an increasing rate;

the ice-cap in Greenland is melting away (again, there is consensus about this, but not about how fast it will happen), which can result in a sea level rise of 6 meters;

Interesting talk – just wished, that Prof. Dunbar had heard the story, that in fact, Greenland ice grows (Thanks, Lubos). 


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