I’m in NYC from June 27th until July 6th, so updating will be slow (maybe even more than before) 😉 including updates on recent interesting hep-th papers. Anybody: Directions from 10th Street Jersey City, NJ to the headquarters of “Not Even Wrestling”, “Not Even Wrong”, Peter Woit at Columbia U. ?


2 Responses to In NYC

  1. Peter Woit says:

    Well, get on a PATH train, change to a Broadway local 1 train, get off at 116th st, go in the gate to the right one block north, math building is on your left…

  2. Kasper Olsen says:

    Peter – Sorry, I didn’t find the time to visit you in New York – I’ll send you my personal information if you want to send the book all the way to Denmark….

    – Kasper

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