(Bed)-Wetting and Minimal Surfaces

(A completely lighthearted post about a – hopefully – serious paper.)

Some people claim that, what should correctly be called modern theoretical physics, is Not Even Wrong, some that it is Not Even Wrestling. Well, my answer here is that such people are Not Even Wetting. To prove that I’m correct, just take a look at this interesting hep-th paper:


Will some guys be bed-wetting after realizing that they were wrong? Will minimal surfaces suffice? Or will they seek comfort in Loops of Quantum Gravity, or in Octopions? 😉


One Response to (Bed)-Wetting and Minimal Surfaces

  1. Kasper Olsen says:

    Thanks for correcting the link, Peter – I must have had a bad night 😉 Hope to see you at CU.


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