Danish People’s Party: Xenophobics and Nazis ?

The Danish People’s Party (in Danish “Dansk Folkeparti”, or just DF) is a populistic anti-immigration right wing party known for its extreme Islamophobia, directed towards individuals perceived to be either Arab and/or Muslim. (I’ve written about DF earlier here).

DF currently has 22 seats in the Danish Parliament (out of 179), making it the third largest political party in Denmark. Its extreme success has meant that prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen politically has been completely dependent upon the DF; for example the government has passed extremely restrictive asylum legislation. However, unlike similar parties the DF has been careful in its foreign connections, and has been at pains to moderate its language, even though in reality obscure racist-like as well as “Islamophobic” statements by members of DF are very common.

Apart from moderating its language, the DF has also – at least publicly – tried to moderate its group of members. And for obvious reasons. Here is a very recent example:

According to an article in the Danish newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, local presidents has welcomed nazis as members of DF. Ekstra Bladet called the presidents of 13 randomly chosen local party societies. Four out of seven presidents did not mind having Nazis as members, and three out of six presidents would accept people who were members of the extreme right wing and nationalistic group “Dansk Front”, which DF officially opposes.

(You can understand why; according to The Danish Security Intelligence Service, “Dansk Front” has connections to the militant neo-Nazi network “Blood & Honour”; see here).

Does this mean that being a member of “Dansk Front”, or in other ways supporting Nazism makes you more welcome in the Danish People’s Party? At least “off the record”?


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