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Andrew Jaffe: Leaves on the Line|Asymptotia|atdotde|At String School|Backreaction|Comme Appelé du Néant|Cosmic Variance|Christine’s Background Independence|Cocktail Party Physics|Entropy Bound|Galactic Interactions|It’s Equal but It’s Different|Jacques Distler|John Baez’s This Weeks Finds|Jonstraveladventures|Life on the Lattice|Michael Nielsen|The n-CategoryCafe|Noncommutative Geometry|Not Even Wrong|P.P. Cook’s Tangent Space|Proven by Science|Reality Conditions|The Spacetime Metric|Sum Over Histories|Terrence Tao’s Blog|Uncertain Principles|Quantum Diaries

General Blogs: 3quarksdaily|Adventures in Ethics and Science|AMERICAblog|Angry for a Reason|Bitch Ph.D.|Cafe DA|Crooks and Liars|Deth of a Puddle|Eschaton|Europhobia|googolplexus|the Homunculus|inky circus|John Fleck|MakeStupidityHistory|oDToday|PrometheusRandom Platitudes|The Reflection Cafe|Science and Reason|The Science Creative Quarterly|ScienceBlogsShtetl-Optimized|Stoat|Talk Left|The Poor Man|Think Progress|Wonkette|World Science 

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